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Our wedding party

Willie and I were blessed to have some very important people in our life!! We THANK each and EVERYONE who accepted our invitation on being apart of our BIG DAY! OUR WEDDING PARTY IS THE BEST AND THEY CARE ABOUT US AND OUR WELL BEING THATS ALL WE NEED POSITVE ENERGY.

Martishia's attendants
  • KheMauryia Powers, Other
    The Bride & Groom's Daughter 'The Mini Bride'
  • Trunshedda White, Bridesmaid
    Bridesmaid Trun.
  • Monica Stutts, Maid Of Honor
    The Bride sister Monica.
  • Angel Travis, Matron Of Honor
    The Bride's Cousin Angel.
  • Marquita Stutts, Maid Of Honor
    The Bride's Sister Keta.
  • Lateshia Butler, Bridesmaid
    Bridesmaid Teshia.
  • Courtney Belton, Bridesmaid
    Bridesmaid Courtney
  • Porscha Richard, Bridesmaid
    Bridesmaid Porscha.
  • Lakesha Powers, Bridesmaid
    Groom's Sister Kesha.
  • Naheerah King, Bridesmaid
    The Groom's BestFriend Naheerah.
  • Kaitlyn Smith, Flower Girl
    Flower Girl lil miss Ka Ka
  • Arianna Stutts, Flower Girl
    The Bride's niece Ari.
Willie's attendants
  • Caleb Evans, Ring Bearer
    Mr. Caleb
  • Gene Hunt, Groomsman
    Groomsman Gene
  • Devin Jones, Best Man
    The Grooms Best Man Dj
  • Johnny Markham, Best Man
    The Grooms Best Man Johnny
  • Jamaal Thomas, Best Man
    The Grooms Best Man Jamaal
  • Corey Wright, Best Man
    The Grooms Best Man Corey
  • Bristol Stutts, Groomsman
    The Bride's Brother Nez.
  • Martez Stutts, Groomsman
    The Bride's Uncle Tez.
  • Johnathan Stokes, Groomsman
    Groomsman Top.
  • Tim Broomfield, Groomsman
    Groomsman Tim.
  • Trayvon Stutts, Groomsman
    The Bride's Nephew 'The Mini Groom'
  • Darius Clark, Usher
    Mr. Darius
  • Colton Evans, Ring Bearer
    Baby Colton
  • Henri Richardson, Groomsman
    Groomsman Henri.
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